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Mr. Bean Coffee Shop

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Mr. Bean is your friendly neighborhood go-to
coffee shop. We love to create moments of happiness.


About Us

We Love To Support Local Mom and Pop Businesses❤️

Mr. Bean is your friendly neighborhood go-to coffee shop. The atmosphere presents a home away from home cozy feel, where customer service and attention to detail is the main focus. At Mr. Bean, everyone gets greeted with a hello wave and welcome. We believe in an ultimate coffee experience where a customizable A-Z cup of coffee should always be within reach. From our deliciously hand-picked local bakers & chefs we love to create moments of happiness.

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Our Story

Over the years we feel that a gap is further widening with Mom & Pop feel-good businesses. Thus creating opportunities & opening new doors to bringing back the grassroots culture many of us grew up with. Coming from entrepreneur families we hope our efforts will bring positive feedback back into our communities to grow this trend.


Mr Bean Family

Francisco Musalem

Co-Founder of Mr. Bean. His professional entrepreneur journey began in South America 15 years ago, where he was born, Santiago, Chile. Career paths ranging from running a small family investment company (GLOBALITY) to opening a local tea shop (Tea & Poets) has kept him attentive to his surroundings. Fast forward in time and his experiences possess healthy business development, strong emphasis on attention to detail & the ability to quickly adapt. His avenues have led him to Mr. Bean.

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Alex Pagola

Co-Founder of Mr. Bean, born in Miami, FL, and raised by his Cuban mother and family. At FIU (Florida International University) he studied Business Administration & International Business. As a family man for 10+ years, one of his many 
passions is finding a way to make others happy. Now, his goal is to bring his attributes to Mr. Bean's culture.

Michael Soave

Co-Founder of Mr. Bean, born and raised in Miami with a Cuban-Italian background. Michael grew up as a Catholic in which created his strong moral qualities. Being a family man with kids brings a much-needed togetherness mentality. His goal for Mr. Bean is to carve positive awareness & energy that transcends into the fabric of our walls.

Local food +


  Wine + B E E R  


Let us start a trend & share priceless memories with the community. Mr. Bean is bringing back the retro to Miami, one can lounge, play interactive games (checkers, chess, tic-tac-toe, iq test, puzzles, etc.), connect your laptop & shop local vendors all while enjoying a customized cup of coffee.


We partnered with Nespresso

Customize your Nespresso with our array of milks & flavors, turning them into your preferred warm or iced coffee. “Every cup of Nespresso coffee should have a positive impact”. Why Nespresso? They are an eco-friendly company that recycles their aluminum pods which are then turned into bicycles & computers for children in need.

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Opening hours

Monday to Thursday

10am - 9pm

Friday & Saturday

10am - 9pm


10am - 8pm

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